What I want to see in Thor : Ragnarok

The trailer dropped for Taika Waititi’s Thor : Ragnarok. Although it was a teaser, it gave me enough footage to get me excited for the newest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I’ve loved what I’ve seen so far, but this blog post is about what else I want to see.

Thor returns to Asgard. All is well except Odin is missing. He goes to Heimdal to help but before he can get to him he is attacked by Hela. He throws Mjornir at her but she destroys it. He puts up a good fight but Hela knocks him out.

The Grand Master (Top)
Valkyrie (Middle)
Thor (Bottom)

Thor finds himself in an arena unarmed. Valkyrie had brought him there. He is wearing an obedience disk. We find out that this is in fact the Contest of Champions run by The Grand Master. The Grand Master chooses who fights who and loves the chaos of it all. The Collector is betting against his champions. The Collector sees Thor and chooses him as a champion as he is familiar with Asgardian physiology. The Grandmaster laughs and sends his champion out into the arena. It’s none other than the Hulk.

Thor, Korg & Hulk

After a ferocious battle Hulk grabs Thor and whispers “I have a plan”. Thor is shocked at his newfound vocabulary. They stop fighting to The Grandmaster’s dismay. He sends out legion upon legion of enemies to fight them but they cannot stop the might of the two legends. Hulk looks at one of the fighters, Korg and he turns on the other fighters. Korg growls at Thor as Kronan and Asgardians have a rivalry but joins them because of his loyalty to Hulk. The Grand Master is furious. One of the guards watches on. Another guard kills him and presses a device. This shuts down the obedience disk systems. It turns out to be Loki. Thor, Hulk and Korg are free of their obedience disks. They smash a hole in the arena and make their escape only to find Loki waiting for them. All of the fighters escape and attack the guards. Valkyrie is free from the Grand Master’s control.  Hulk is ready to attack but Thor stops him. It’s just like Hulk stopping Korg from attacking Thor. The perfect group dynamic. Valkyrie joins them.They find another fighter: Skurge. Thor has had dealings with him before. He’s a powerful bounty hunter from Asgard.  Loki tells Thor of what has happened. Hela has taken control of Asgard with most of the Asgardians fleeing knowing they can’t defeat her forces. They have a ferocious battle until Thor tells him about Hela attacking Asgard. Surge agrees to help them.Thor says they can’t win without Odin and Mjornir. Loki says he knows of someone who can help.

Ultimate Thor
Hulk vs Thor

Thor arrives on Earth. Loki told him about a new, powerful sorcerer who could take them to the dwarves of Svartalfheim to forge a new hammer and locate Odin.  It is none other than Dr. Strange.  He’s seen and heard of Thor’s exploits with the Avengers so he agrees to help. They find Odin as a vagabond on Earth. Thor gives a speech about honour and duty while he makes peace with Loki. They arrive on Svartalfheim where the dwarves agree to forge a new hammer out of uru. (It looks more like the ultimate universe hammer).They then travel with Strange via one of his portals. They find themselves in Niflheim. Thor, Hulk and Korg fight off Hela’s hordes. Skurge sacrifices himself for the good of Asgard.  

Dr Strange

They sneak to the great tree Idrisil. Odin eats an apple and his power is restored, He calls to Heimdal. Heimdal and the armies of Asgard arrive. Along with Thor, Hulk, Valkyrie, Korg, Loki and Strange and an epic battle, they defeat Hela’s forces. Thor unleashes his full power decimating the hordes of Hela with Lightning and storms. Asgard is safe. Hela flees.







Dr. Strange finds her location. Thor and Hulk jump through one of his portals . They are face to face with Hela. She’s laughs and slips into the shadows. Thanos steps out of them. He smiles. He has a monologue as he fights both of them. “Here Earth. Here are your champions.” After a long battle he sends them hurtling towards the Earth on a scrapheap of a ship. “Watch them burn red through the sky. These heroes were the best you had to offer. And they were found wanting“. The ship crashlands.


The Avengers find them in the wreckage. Thor and Hulk have been badly beaten. Thor manages to say “He’s coming”.


This is all speculation of course. There is no way all of this can happen in the film, unless I’ve stolen secrets from Marvel Studios (Hail Hydra) – it’s not true. I hope at least some of these elements make it into the final product.

Once again,

Signing off,




My film set experiences.

Hey there!

Remember when I said I’d be posting on this frequently?  Unfortunately that didn’t happen. Life got in the way. However, after a brief hiatus I’m back and in full swing!

I am deeply passionate about film-making and I knew since I was 16 that it was what I wanted to do as a career. Even when I was much younger I was making my own stop motion and animoscar-cameraated videos.  As a 22 year old who finally has access to more facilities to create more projects, I couldn’t be happier.

In this post I’ll be talking about my various experiences working on film and TV sets. As I’m currently studying film, if there’s any jobs going that have anything related to it in any shape or form, I jump to it! This has allowed me to have incredible experiences with the different aspects of various projects.

We’ll start when I was 16 where I wrote various sketches. I wrote, directed and acted in a sketch called “Pizza Fight” which was about two friends (my friend Aaron and I) who fight to the death over the last slice of pizza. This was a lot of fun to make. This was one of my first experiences in an acting role and althoughpizza-fight-1 I wasn’t that good at acting at the time, it was a good starting point. As it was full of special effects we had to think of a way to make them blend well with the background. To rectify this, we hung a green-screen onto my house that spread across the entire front of it. This allowed us to make it look like we were flying. This was a great experience and it kick started my love for film-making.

After secondary school, I went to college to study Digital Humanities, Computer Science and English. Although it was a great experience, it really wasn’t what I wanted to do. Every assignment Ioscar-director had, I stretched the source material so I could make it relate to film. I knew all I wanted to do was create things, not memorise facts that I wasn’t interested in. So last year I began my studies in Film, with a new college and new faces.

In my first year of film college, I learned many skills including, directing, editing, camera-work, scriptwriting,set design etc. I directed my film “Stalker” in November. It’s about a boy who was being followed by the physical embodiment of his depression. It went a lot better than expected. We filmed from 10am until 3pm. My actors took direction well, my Director of Photography got all of the shots we needed, along with some extra shots I requested. We only needed extra lighting for one interior scene as most of my film was set outdoors. So in conclusion, my first student film went well, I was organised and I even had enough time to get extra shots to cover all of my bases. This happened during our allocated filming week, so for the next four days we split the roles with our film crew to shoot the rest of our films. We were like a well oiled machine!oscar-ladder

In February, we made a fake TV show called “Youth Yapp” in which we parodied attempting to be relatable to teenagers. It was tubular! I wrote and acted in the sketch “Cool Crew” in which my friend Becky and I were presenters interviewing the youth in Cork city. It went really well and I dabbled at a bit of production design as well. This project was a massive collaborative effort and I’m extremely happy with the finished product!

After these shoots, I wanted to be on proper television/film sets. Soon I found myself working as an extoscar-mazera in the documentary “The Genius of George Boole”.  After this I decided to be an extra in multiple projects as I could see what everyone was doing on set: the director, assitant directors,camera operators,  cast, lighting co-ordinators,sound engineers, stunt people animal wranglers etc. It was the ultimate learning experience!

I was then an extra in the film “Maze” based on the 1983 escape of 38 IRA inmates. In this I had to throw bricks at police officers while the stunt men set fire oscar-archerto the entire street with molotov cocktails. It was a blast! The set design was amazing. They turned a Cork side street into a Belfast war zone. I felt like I’d just stepped into the Troubles.

My favourite job by far was when
I was an extra on the “Vikings” TV ShowAs soon as I stepped on to the set in my armour, I knew this was different. This was a multi-million dollar production. I was surrounded by fellow Anglo-Saxon Soldiers, Viking Warriors , Shield Maidens, Castles and longboats. This was an intense experience. Here I learned how to fight with swords, shields, spears,axes and I soon became a trained archer. I’d dreamed of doing this stuff since I was a child! As an adult it still was a lot of fun. After many chats with the directors and the cast, it cemented what I’d known for a long time: I want to work in film and TV.  oscar-soldier

Recently my friend Kieran wrote a sketch called “Dead Man Walken”. In this we are haunted by the ghost of Christopher Walken. We decided to do this because we noticed our friend Daniel had a penchant for impersonating him. We brought the equipment from our college and we shot it in 4 hours. We made it because we wanted to see how we’d do with the bare minimum and honestly we just wanted to create something. We switched roles ,depending who was onscreen at any given time. We all were camera operators, I co-directed and we all acted in it. I feel like we did quite well and I personally feel like my acting’s slightly improved. While Kieran expertly edited our sketch I gave him sound files from different movies and clips to elevate the action scenes. It worked out well and it is one of my favourite things that I’ve made.

So for now I’m working on a documentary about  oscar-walkenMental Health Resources that are available in Ireland and I’ll be interviewing my friend to debunk rumours about mental health, the stigma surrounding this subject, about his experiences,
how he’s dealt with his problems and  the pros and cons of our mental health facilities. It’s more of a serious project than I’m used to but I like expanding my horizons, I decided to do this because it affects so many people, including people who I’m very close to.

I will also be staying in my comfort zone in the form of creating a few comedy sketches and a short film “Moustache Meeting”, a slapstick comedy that takes an incredibly dark turn.  I’ll be filming this in about a week.

My long term goal is that I want to be a director down the line, but for now I’m happy with writing scripts and creating student films with my friends.It’ll be a long road before I become a fully fledged director of Feature Films and TV Series but I’ll enjoy every step of the way.pizza-fight-4

So until next time,

Once again, signing off

A hopeful future director,


How to make a successful comedic scene.

The Comedy Central Roast Of James Franco - Show

Hello again! It’s been 4 days since my last digression! I’m here to talk about movies again! Who doesn’t love movies? Today I’m going to talk about comedies as humour is a major part of who I am. I love to laugh! So without further ado, I’ll try to put across what I believe makes a successful scene in a comedy.

Now, comedy is subjective so what might cause me to roll on the floor laughing, could leave someone else with a bad case of resting bitch face. Here’s some tasty ingredients that I think make the lovely stew that is a well executed comedy scene.

Miscommunication – Character interaction is the most important part of making a successful comedy, but I believe having a moment of miscommunication can bring it to new heights! Having the characters change the chain of events in a scene because of one minor blip in their communication is a great way to bring the story to a different direction. It’s very easy to make a hilarious situation out of something so simple as the characters making a simple mistake, especially if the resulting events are outrageous.

Profanity/Exaggerated Movement – Many comedies can be NSFW (Not safe for work) and that’s how it should be in my opinion. We don’t want the PC police stepping on our funny bones! Get outta here with that bullshit! The use of profanity also gives you an insight into what the characters are like e.g. a lovable asshole or someone who’s been pushed completely over the edge! Exaggerated movement enhances the scene as it allows the actor to dabble with physical comedy. Sometimes dialogue alone isn’t enough to  extract the laughter! A good comedic actor delivers the punchlines along with emoting using body language or doing eccentric maneuvers.

Camera movement – This one’s usually overlooked but I have seen this being put to good use in series such as The Office and Parks & Recreation. Whether it be a slight jolt, a zoom or a pan across, camera movements can often accentuate some hidden jokes in a scene.

These in my  opinion are the most important variables in a comedy to make me laugh. See what I did there? I put that in bold, as those traits play up to my sensibilities. What works for me may not work for someone else. Essentially, comedy is like marmite. Down below I’ve placed links to two of my favourite comedy scenes that have used the methods that I’ve mentioned above. They give me full on belly laughs and I hope they provide you with some too. Treat yo self! Roll the clip!



That’s it for another topic! I’ll see what else I can talk about for the next blog. Maybe I’ll review Batman V Superman. The colour palette on that film is so grim, I was awe-struck once I could see shades other than sepia tone again. Maybe I’ll write a review of it! I’m a lot fairer than the critics (pinky promise)! So until next time, I’ll let you go!

See you soon,







The Fine Brothers – ‘React World’ Controversy


Benny and Rafi Fine are Youtube creators who own the channel ‘The Fine Brothers’. They specialise in reaction videos. This is essentially a video of people reacting to something else e.g. a music video, a movie trailer etc. On 26th January 2016, they decided to trademark the format of reaction videos with their proposed channel ‘React World’, forcing every youtube creator who made react videos to become a part of the Fine Brothers company, relinquishing their rights to their original content.


Beni & Rafi Fine

This information was obtained from the websites Mashable and Superfame, big internet sits that inform its viewers/readers about current events, media news and Youtube updates. This along with looking up different Youtubers’ opinions on the topic e.g. Boogie2988 and Philip DeFranco helped me to be fully informed on this particular topic.


After the Fine Brothers attempted to trademark the word “react”, there was uproar all around the internet and Youtube content creator community. After their plans became viral on Reddit,  the Fine Brothers received a considerable amount of backlash.

The controversy surrounding their channel was so massive that many of their fans decided to unsubscribe from their channel. In fact, on Reddit, there was a counter created by a user which showed how many subscribers they were losing per second. They lost 115,000 subscribers from their channel in just one day. Someone also made a livestream to showcase their dramatic loss of subscribers.

They advertised React World as a way to get people interested in working with them, using their format. However, it wasn’t theirs to trademark. Reaction videos have been around since before Youtube so they have no legal standing in that regard. The Fine Brothers have also admitted to getting other content creator’s videos taken down for “stealing their reaction videos”. They’ve reportedly called out Buzzfeed and Ellen DeGeneres for making react videos. Anyone who played someone’s video in the background would be susceptible to legal action if React World became a success.

Youtubers Philip DeFranco and Boogie2988 uploaded videos about this issue. They stated that it would restrict content creator’s freedom of expression and that this deal could potentially be used as a weapon to take down competitors. This made them incredibly nervous as a lot of the


Philip DeFranco

content comes from outside sources. Philip DeFranco reports on the news and Boogie2988 talks about important issues including internet and Youtube topics.

After all of the controversy, on February 1 2016, the Fine Brothers stated they discontinued all React trademarks and trademark applications, aborted the React World program, and released all previous Content ID claims. In addition, the Fine Brothers removed their original React World announcement video, as well as their update video which addressed the initial backlash.




In my opinion, the fact that the Fine Brothers thought that they could trademark the word ‘react’ and reaction videos is absolutely ludicrous. They said that it would help to grow smaller channels but really they would be the first to get targeted if React World had actually become successful. This prevents smaller and newer Youtube content creators from obtaining a larger following and perhaps earn a living from the videos they are creating. Benny and Rafi started out in the exact same way, with a small channel that over time grew to the success that it is today. They should empathise with lesser known creators as they are in the same position that they were once in.

The internet is full of many wonderful platforms to allow ordinary people to create amazing content e.g. Youtube, Vine etc. Yet if someone decides to police it unrealistically and unethically it might not be as amazing as it once was. The perfect way to keep things running smoothly is if copyright claims are used only if something has been plagiarized/used for profit without the creator’s knowledge and consent.

Having the freedom to create amazing things, provides multiple opportunities for aspiring content creators whether it’s in music, video, film, art etc. This is incredibly important as if this isn’t the case due to another React World or something similar Youtube and other creative platforms will be controlled by only a few successful large channels rather than multiple varieties of channels, which is what Youtube was supposed to be – a mixing pot of creativity!

I’m glad that the React Channel program was taken down, allowing other youtubers to breathe a sigh of relief. This platform could have been incredibly harmful to the Youtube community and this and any other variation of idea should not be allowed to come to pass. The Fine Brother’s learned a lesson too, knowing full well that their idea was not well received so they scrapped the launch of React World to keep their credibility from all of their other amazing videos, ideas and endeavours. I’m glad they realised their mistake as, despite all that’s happened regarding this controversy, I along with many other people still enjoy their other content.

In my opinion, everybody should have the freedom to create anything they want, especially on the Internet! It’s a place full of opportunity and wonder! Let’s keep it that way! 

Hopefully something like this doesn’t happen again, stop screwing around with the internet!

Until next time,



Don’t do it again guys.


Superframe – React World scandal explained



Mashable – Fine Bros Controversy



Boogie reacts to React World



Philip Defranco reacts to React World




Family Ties – Related to “The Torture Gang”

Eddie and Charlie

The Richardson mob: Eddie and Charlie Richardson

I recently watched the movie “Legend” in which Tom Hardy  plays both the roles of Ronnie and Reggie Kray, the notorious “Kray Twins”. I recommended it to my father who then told me that I’m related to Eddie and Charlie Richardson, the major crime bosses who terrified London during the 60’s and 70’s as “The Torture Gang”.They were the rival gang  actively competing with the Kray Twins in the film.

Upon seeing the surname, I assumed it was simply a coincidence, but upon hearing that Charlie was my great uncle, I felt very conflicted knowing that I was in some way related to them due to the horrible things that they’ve done. However, I feel even more conflicted about my reaction to the film prior to knowing about my bloodline connection. In a scene where Ronnie and Reggie Kray beat up a bar full of gang members, I was entertained immensely by  the performance,the visceral violence and the humour attached.


Tom Hardy playing the Kray Twins

Now I feel disheartened knowing that I’ve enjoyed a scene in which actors portrayed some of my family members being attacked. I’m probably looking too much into this as I didn’t even know the Richardsons of East London, but I somehow feel connected to them and feel slightly ashamed that I enjoyed said violent scene so much. As a film fanatic, I enjoyed how well-made the action scene was and the humour attached to it.

Upon further reflection, I’ve concluded that it’s okay for me to enjoy this film regardless of my family ties. It’s a historical commentary portraying how nasty the gangland business  East London in the 1960’s and the feud between the Kray Twins and The Torture Gang was. I realised that I should simply treat it as such. Still, it would have been interesting for me to interview Eddie about his past from his perspective. I doubt he’d be too pleased about the story being mostly about Ronnie and Reggie Kray.

The Kray Twins

The Kray Twins: Ronnie and Reggie.

This time my passion for movies has led me to a place really close to home. This medium is still finding ways of surprising me! I wonder what I’ll find out next!

Your pal,


Deadpool Review


This has been one of the most interesting movies that I’ve been researching as there is so much to talk about. There’s a lot to get through so let’s jump right in!

To start with, Deadpool has had one of the most entertaining marketing campaigns that I’ve ever seen attached to any sort of production. This varied from multiple posters, trailers, announcements and even included Ryan Reynold’s attending the Conan O’Brien show in character! It’s an R-rated action/comedy yet with their campaign they attempted to broaden their viewer demographic by advertising it as many different genres. It was even marketed as a romantic comedy for Valentines Day!landscape-1452594620-deadpool-romcom-banner

It’s being widely acclaimed for being one of the most accurate adaptations of a character to hit the big screen. I whole-heartedly agree with that. Once I saw the trailer I researched the character’s origin and motivations. Long story short: they pretty much nailed it!

I must warn you, this movie is not the best choice for a family fun outing. This satirical slugfest is trying tone3ogj8hyj4w64_1_b be as annoyingly offensive as possible so just embrace it! Deadpool is an offensive character who kills for money. He offends everyone. That’s the essence of the character. He’s a gun toting mercenary who’s aware he’s in a movie via breaking the 4th wall. There’s no higher meaning in this film, it’s made for sheer entertainment/escapism and that’s what the director was going for! I love arthouse films/documentaries/ dramatic thought-provoking movies just as much as anyone, but sometimes you just want to watch some well made goofiness. It’s a wacky comedy/action flick with an unapologetically crass protagonist. A selection of critics have complained about it for being an immature, adrenaline fueled, slapstick critique mockery of the superhero genre and I agree completely. This film knows what it is and it’s not pulling any punches! To complain about it for being offensive is ludicrous.

20th Century Fox actually didn’t want this movie to be made due todeadpool-billboard-hed-2016 the R rating but the director Tim Miller assured them that he would make a spectacular film.. Just before it was greenlit, Fox took away $7 million from the budget in order to sway him but he didn’t give up. You could see that they cut down the budget considerably – the side characters with a lot of CGI Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (such an awesome name)  had very little screentime.  The run time was also rumoured to have been cut down considerably to save on  the production’s sudden depleted budget. I think the shorter running time actually benefitted the film as it sped up the plot a bit. This risk  paid off as Deadpool opened with  a record $135 million at the box office.

For such a wacky thrill ride, this film isn’t as one dimensional as I would have originally thought. Sure Ryan Reynolds’ banter as Deadpool with TJ Miller‘s character Weasel had hilarious dialogue, the fourth wall breaks throughout the film provided for some well earned chuckles but the dramatic storyline was interpreting-total-film-s-deadpool-teaser-preview-798882executed in a way that made it believable. Deadpool may be a psychotic killing machine, but when the villain targets his girlfriend things get serious! The chemistry between Reynold’s and Morena Baccarin‘s character Vanessa was heartwarming and I felt like I was watching a romantic comedy whenever their characters interacted onscreen. I was taken aback by a film like this having so many  heartfelt moments.

This film was a “turn your brain off, watch the nonsensical carnage unfold and enjoy the show” kind of movie for me and I enjoyed every minute of it. It dragged a little in the second act and the main antagonist wasn’t that great but these flaws could easily be overlooked. Critics on Rotten Tomatoes gave Deadpool 84% while Metacritic gave it a 65% and IMDb gave it a mind-blowing 9/10! I was originally going to go with a 7/10 but I really enjoyed seeing a director making a movie despite being attacked by a towering film company every step of the way.

Ryan Reynolds’ unapologetically astounding performance as Deadpool heightened the film’s overall quality for me. With a stellar script,  fun filled music scores and a talented ensemble cast, Tim Miller made an enjoyable adaptation of the Merc with the Mouth so I’m going to rate this fast-paced freakshow a 9/10! 


Getting Intimate with Text – I have a Dream Speech

I’ve found a way to summarise large documents, by finding the most used words in a body of text. I’ve decided to use Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have A Dream” Speech as I believe that is an incredibly powerful piece of text that can still be admired today. In this speech, he states that he wants everyone to be treated equally and that the differences between white and black people should be forgotten, that we are all essentially equal. This led to the improvement of racial relations throughout not only the United States, but the world.

I have used the Voyant tool to make a visualisation of the text in the speech. The words that appear most frequently in the text are significantly larger than those that appear less in the speech. In this way, this tool summarises the material of your selected text and gives us a general idea of what it’s about.

I had a dream speech Voyant

As you can see from the visualisation, the main words used are:  freedom, dream and negro.

This tells us exactly what we need to know about the contents of this speech. “Freedom” has been used the most as it was Martin Luther King Jr’s goal is for black people to be free from oppression, to essentially be respected just like white people. He’s asking simply to not be oppressed any more. “Dream” has been used repeatedly throughout the speech as he starts out most of his lines with “I have a dream”. It was also used because that’s what his speech was about: he dreamt of racial equality. The word “negro” was used multiple times as it was a racial slur used during that time. The fact that it wouldn’t be acceptable to say such a word today shows us how far we’ve come with regards to race relations.

I chose this text because it had a great impact on society, highlighting important issues like racism and discrimination. I obtained the text from Martin Luther King Jr’s speech: “I have a dream” from the website: http://www.analytictech.com/mb021/mlk.htm

If you ever need to use a tool to visualise text, I’d highly recommend you use Voyant as it was incredibly easy to use and the end result is visually appealing.

Stop Splitting Movies!

An annoying trend has started ever since the cinematic release of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1″. Notice the part 1? That’s quite an odd thing to put in a film title isn’t it. The director decided to split the last movie of the franchise into two parts for more money. Many would say this is to allow for more plot from the books to be shown on screen  but a harry potter part 1lot of the footage ended up being mostly filler in the penultimate film. This has happened in the Hobbit franchise too. Although I love both franchises, this trend has become quite annoying.

The Twilight, Hunger Games and Divergent series have become guilty of this too. Although the only series out of these three that I like is Hunger Games, I was still annoyed at this trend coming into pDesolation of smaugmok palay. After just watching Mockingjay Part 1, it just ended, with no plot points leading me towards the end, or even notifying the viewers in any way that the film was coming to a close. It just ended. This just left me annoyed asking questions along the lines of “Is that it?” and “Where’s the rest?” The only other time I’ve felt such anger because of this was at the end of “The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug”. Movies should be able to work on their own, despite being part of a franchise.

If they frustrate the audience by having an incomplete story then they will lose many fans. Many movie, entertainment, chatroom, TV and forum sites have expressed these issues and its up to the producers to listen to them. A movie is only as good as its story and if you are diminishing their quality by splitting them up into multiple films then you are ruining the quality of the overall franchise. If each film had a concise beginning, middle and end then and only then could this “two parter finale craze” be a success.

I need CHANGE!

Staying hopeful,


Open Street Map Review

Open Street Map

The task I was given was to map out an area. I had never done anything like this before, so I didn’t know what to expect. The aim of this assignment become part of a community to help map out areas, thus making it easier for people to know their precise location and what they can find in those areas.

It was incredibly user friendly and I soon got the hang of this tool. It took me less than a minute to join it. I just had to sign up and confirm it with an email. Rather than mapping out Lesotho, I decided to map out my area which is Glasheen in Cork. However, most of the surrounding area was mapped (including Wilton), so I was finding it quite  difficult to get a chance to have much of an impact on this project. Luckily, I found out that St Finbarr’s Cemetery in Glasheen wasn’t mapped out and labelled properly. The entire cemetery was made up for pedestrians in the form of paths, yet on the map they were labelled as service roads. This will inform visitors that you cannot in fact bring vehicles into the cemetery. It is also a great place for dog-walkers to frequent. I then marked the whole area as a cemetery. I also marked a church in the cemetery.

Glasheen Road cemetary

After this, I marked my house as a Residential Building. he whole surrounding area has been mapped out correctly, which shows that it’s already been worked on. This shows the vast amount of work that has gone into this community based project. The fact that Open Street Map is powered by open source software makes it beneficial to anyone who wants to use it. I really enjoyed my experience of using OpenStreetMap as it’s helped me to find places I’ve never been to before, even in my local area! I’ve found an alternate route to College and I found another café close to the Wilton Shopping Centre, meaning that this tool has affected my academic and social life in a positive way.

I would highly recommend using OpenStreetMap as it is a simple, useful and interesting way of mapping locations and finding out things about certain aspects of large areas.

Link to my mapped out area:  http://www.openstreetmap.org/edit?way=203756781#map=17/51.88256/-8.49900

What colour is the dress?

The internet is a wonderfully weird and wacky place. As I arrived into college, everyone was talking about the same topic. A picture of a dress had surfaced online and people were debating what colour it is. Pictures of said dress could be seen on every screen in my vicinity. This may be a strange scientific phenomenon proving that all individuals have different colour vision or the picture in question could simply be photoshopped. This has become a viral sensation overnight! For such a niche topic, the virality of this topic is overwhelming. But hey, that’s the Digital Age for you!

Personally, I don’t really care about this topic, but I find it hilarious how much the media has publicised it, showing it on renowned news sources etc. I kind of love it as well. In this era of opportunity, something that may seem insignificant could in fact make you a celebrity. I love living in a world with so many surprises. It keeps things fresh. What’s next? Someone finds a piece of toast with an image of Jesus on it? Oh wait! That already happened!

Until next time,

Your highly entertained hermano,


the dress